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29th September 2017

Dentists warned not to purchase counterfeit dental equipment

The General Dental Council (GDC) and the BDIA are warning dentists not to purchase counterfeit dental devices.

These warnings come after a recent GDC hearing found a dentist guilty of purchasing non-compliant and counterfeit dental equipment from an online auction website, resulting in the dentist’s registration being suspended for three months.

‘This case shows the importance of dentists and DCPs adhering to the standards around compliant dental equipment,’ Jonathan Green, director of fitness to practise at the GDC, said.

‘Non-compliant equipment endangers the health of both the patient and those using it and it is vital that all items meet safety requirements.

‘As set out in our Standards for Dental Professionals, all members of the dental team must understand and follow the law and regulations in this important area, which go to the heart of patient protection.

‘They must always put patients’ interests first.’

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