Award Categories

The Dental Industry Awards exist to recognise progress, effort and enterprise within the dental industry. The individuals and companies shortlisted represent the rising standards in within the industry and the tremendous efforts to provide a higher calibre of customer experience.

Best Dental Practice Corporate Group

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10 or more practices
9 practices or less

In this category we are looking for an outstanding dental practice corporate. This category is split into two categories so we can recognise greatness in a smaller group as well as a more-resourced group.

  • Describe your group ethos
  • What training do you have for your dental teams and associates?
  • Demonstrate a solid financial performance
  • What are you doing as a group to combat viruses and infection control across the group?
  • What do you do socially as a group
  • Give an example of where you have gone the extra mile for patients
  • Show examples of standards of clinical excellence from within the group
  • Supporting evidence and pictures are welcome

Business Leader of the year

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This award is for a senior leader who has nurtured a team or company that is performing beyond the sum of the parts. It could either be for sustained excellent performance of an organisation or for a successful turnaround or just an extraordinary year’s work. This business leader will stand as the clear driver behind a super team effort. The individual will have excelled in the last 12 months.

Short-term postgraduate course of the year

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This award is for the organiser of a short course, lasting anything from one day to thirty days spread throughout the year. Your course can cover any area of dentistry including restorative dentistry, implants, orthodontics, smile design and facial aesthetics etc.

  • Describe your course in detail and illustrate the outcomes and gains of attending
  • Give a brief history of the course and the thought behind it; how long has your course been running?
  • How can this learning be used in practice?
  • Demonstrate innovation, success and creativity in your approach to providing postgraduate education
  • The winner should demonstrate growth or commercial success of the course


  • Provide the following evidence where possible:

    – Advertising and marketing materials
    – Provide feedback/testimonials received from delegates

Advertisement of the Year

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Greater than 25 employees
Fewer than 25 employees

This award will be presented to the print advertisement judged to have the strongest impact, commercially and visually.

  • Describe the objectives of your campaign/advert
  • What results did you achieve with the advert?
  • Include a copy of the advertisement

High Technology Launch of the Year

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This category seeks to award genuine game- changers in this era of fast-paced high-tech developments. Entrants should show details of a high-tech equipment or software development that has taken place this year.

  • Why did you launch the product?
  • What is the USP of the product?
  • How did you market this?
  • Provide any data or testimonials that support your entry

Outstanding Business of the Year

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Greater than 25 employees

Fewer than 25 employees

This award can either be self-entered or entered by the judges automatically, further to a high-calibre entry in another category. The award recognises success in developing and sustaining an all-round excellent business. Entrants should exemplify how ongoing growth, progression and results can be achieved in the UK dental sector, thereby providing an example to that consistent success in UK dentistry is eminently possible.

  • Illustrate how your company has progressed over the last 12 months
  • Describe how you have developed and evolved through the year to grow your business
  • Show how you measured, maintained and improved the success of your business throughout the year
  • How do you feel you have fared against your competitors in your sector of the market?
  • Show how you train your team and any other initiatives to help develop a strong employee culture
  • Provide any data or testimonials to support your entry.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business’s approach to ‘doing the right thing’ in the community. How do you ensure you give something back to your local area and also maintain the reputation of your organisation?

• What does your organisation do in terms of CSR?
• What is your specific CSR ethos? How has the community benefitted?
• How are employees involved in your CSR ethos? What have you actually done?
• Show examples and testimonials wherever possible.

UK Exporter of the Year

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This category will recognise success, market knowledge and effective sales penetration to an overseas market. The exporter of the year should:

  • Demonstrate their approach and commitment to the export market
  • Show significant success in exporting. How are figures growing year-on-year?
  • Show an example of how a tricky overseas market was conquered
  • Explain how they encourage overseas businesses to buy into British manufacture.

Innovation of the Year

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This award is for those individuals or companies that have delivered an innovative product or service to the dental market over the course of the last 12 months.

  • Discuss your innovation
  • How did you see the gap in the market?
  • Discuss the objectives and strategy underpinning the innovation
  • Illustrate how you promoted the innovation to the market
  • Show examples of your success
  • Highlight any specific reaction from your customers

Best Servicing and Repair Company

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Companies give their customers excellent service and repair standards. How do you approach service and repair?

  • How did you go above and beyond what is normally expected?
  • Describe the service level you offer
  • Is this part of your business growing well? Can you share percentage year-on-year growth?
  • Discuss the benefits you provide
  • Who is responsible for monitoring and managing service and repair?
  • Show testimonial evidence where possible.

Customer Service Provider of the Year

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Greater than 25 employees

Fewer than 25 employees

A successful company puts the customer at the heart of everything it does. From the first point of contact to after-sales support, how do you monitor and fulfil customer needs and wants? This award will recognise businesses going above and beyond to deliver superior service.

  • Discuss your approach to customer service
  • How is quality customer service integrated into your business? How do you get team buy-in?
  • How do you set goals in customer service?
  • How does this impact customer retention?
  • How do your customers respond to your superior customer service? Supply relevant testimonials where possible.

Team of the Year

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It’s an enviable bond that makes working together enjoyable and naturally optimises productivity. This category could be for a whole company or a specific team within a larger set-up.

• Discuss what makes your team special
• Describe your team ethos
• What training or special elements do you have that makes things work so well?
• What results have you achieved as a team?
• How is performance compared to what it was before?

Dental Industry Employee of the Year

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Nominate a colleague or employee

Has one of your employees been remarkable in their professional career? Nominate them for an award and show them how much they mean to your team.

  • Describe their contribution to your company
  • Describe any particular scenarios they have excelled within
  • Show how they support the team
  • Provide relevant testimonials from clients and staff members.

Marketing Campaign of the Year

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Greater than 25 employees

Fewer than 25 employees

This award will be presented to the company or product judged to have had the strongest or most successful marketing campaign of the year.
• Illustrate the marketing mix used in your campaign
• Describe the strategy and objectives of your campaign
• Show how you targeted your audience and the strategy behind this
• Demonstrate the implementation and creativity of your marketing campaign
• Include results and evaluation

Dental Industry Event of the Year

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This award is open to any event organiser and will reflect the success of a conference, congress, seminar, exhibition, digital event or webinar in terms of its overall performance and enjoyment level.

  • Describe your event in detail
  • Show how you promoted your event to your target audience
  • Describe how you monitored the success of your event
  • Describe the feedback received from delegates at the event
  • Describe the feedback received from sponsors and exhibitors of your event.

Dental Brand of the Year

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This award is to highlight the power of intangible business assets – brand value,image and reputation. How have you effectively communicated your company or products’ values and personality to establish a successful brand image? What exemplifies your brand? How do you communicate this with your marketing?

• Describe your brand values or brand personality
• Explain your strategy in promoting the brand
• Describe how you measure the success of your brand
• Explain how you target your audience
• What are the key ingredients that have contributed to your success?

Best Use of PR

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PR gets people talking, drives new business leads and echoes your brand values. The judges will be looking for evidence of:

• The strategy and objectives of your PR
• How you targeted your audience and the strategy behind this
• Any key USPs that you were able to focus on
• Show how you measure the success of your PR. Was it well picked up by the media?
• The implementation and creativity of your PR
• Results and evaluation where possible.

Product Launch of the Year

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Greater than 25 employees

Fewer than 25 employees

This award will recognise the best product launch and associated campaign. Winners will be able to demonstrate how they successfully launched the product into the market. This category is open for any product or service available in the UK dental market, formally launched after 1 January 2019.

  •  The strategy and objectives behind your launch
  • Explain the USP of your product or service
  • Illustrate the effectiveness of your launch campaign
  • Include examples of your marketing
  • Include results and evaluation where possible.

App of the Year

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Apps are increasingly popular. How has your app been received? Has it helped you and your customers do business? The winning entry will demonstrate a user-friendly app that looks good and gets a positive response.

  • Describe the strategy behind the app
  • How many downloads do you have?
  • How did you promote the app to users?
  • Show the results and examples of app performance.

Best Use of Social Media

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Social media is a powerful sales platform. How does your company utilise the various social media channels to fulfil your objectives?

  • How many followers do you have?
  • Have you grown your following considerably this year?
  • Are you proud of a recent campaign you launched?
  • Show how you measured the success of your campaign – include results and evaluation where possible
  • What is your approach to content?
  • Is there one social media channel that you are really strong in or are you multi-platform focused?

Website of the Year

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Is your website particularly effective, attractive or easy to navigate? Explain how your website excels as your shop window in a virtual world.

• Describe the objectives behind the website
• Detail any special attributes the website has
• Show how you measure results
• Include any specific results/analytics to prove
the site has performed as expected
• Include screenshots and images of your website.